Mr. Ranjith Kumar

  • The residence is in the 4th floor in the upmarket place between banjarahills and anandnagar colony. The flat has a very good view of City scape from its family area balcony. The spaces have been designed keeping light and ventilation in the mind.
  • The drawing room is very longitudinal followed by a family area which extends itself into a beautiful balcony form where the view of most part of the city is a picture to watch out for.
  • The dining area is secluded, well lit during the day, and gives an impression of an individual residence though it’s a flat in an apartment. This area in the day time gives maximum possible cross ventilation to the entire flat.
  • The dining also features a false ceiling feature which protrudes through the beam from family area to the dining area which enhances the character of spaces flowing into one another but have their own
    functional and aesthetic characters.
  • Client Name Mr. Ranjith Kumar
  • Location Banjarahills, Hyderabad
  • Category Tangent Designs