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Tangent Infrastructure

We have grown up in the last decade and have formed another firm “Tangent Infrastructures”. This deals with Turnkey projects for Architecture and Interiors, and also deals with project management consultancy. Though we are into Infrastructure we never have compromised on the quality of our projects.
The solutions that we provide are not limited to civil, interiors and modular furniture, but also HVAC, electrical services, networking, carpentry works, plumbing and furniture. It would also include appropriate and quality sourcing of products for clients. Single point sourcing for all the requirements help provide effective control and management during the course of any project.

Tangent Designs

Tangent is technical but Design is Aesthetic. These two are the different angles of a same thought. While Design is a more elaborated poetic answer, Tangent is a straight forward simple answer to the same problem.
Design interprets aesthetics and tangent its calculations, which is a perfect combination for architecture. Design represents a more human feel and touch through senses and tangent a ruthless solution.
Tangent Designs when put together gives a sensitive approach with a straight forward simple answer to a problem.
Tangent designs deals with consultancy of architecture, Interiors and landscaping projects.

Our Recent Projects